Ameriquality Stainless Steel Vacuum Wine Stopper


This Stainless Steel Wine Stopper is a great necessity for storing open bottles of wine, which is ideal for restaurants, hotels, bars, clubs, KTV, cafes, as well as in your personal home.

Features & details:

Material: Stainless Steel.
Size: 7.2cm x 4.3cm x 4.3cm.
Fits standard wine bottle necks.
Laser Engraved
PREMIUM stainless steel shell is highly durable for years perfect use.
SIMPLE FITTING design makes it suitable for all 750ml wine bottles and champagne with 18mm inner top diameter.
Package Includes:
3Pcs x Wine Bottle Stopper + BONUS  1x Wine Drip collar ring

1. Place the stopper firmly on the bottle.The stopper will fit most wine bottles.
2. With one hand holding the bottle.use the other hand to press down the top for several times until the top is hard to spring upward.
3. Bottle vacuum sealed.
4. Simply lift up the stopper to release the vacuum,remove the stopper and enjoy.


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